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  1. Nous

    Anyone here? 👋

    Anyone here? 👋
  2. Nous

    How did you spend Christmas?

    Well there goes 2021 Christmas! How did you spend this Christmas? Did you spend it partying and feasting with family or working? I managed to spend this Christmas with family after quite some time :)
  3. Nous

    Discussion Hub - General Discussion Community

    Yes indeed, he did a great job with the forums. (y)
  4. Nous

    How did you celebrate Christmas?

    How did you celebrate Christmas?
  5. Nous

    6 days now :)

    6 days now :)
  6. Nous

    Do you SEO?

    Welcome to AdminForum @yesjerryer :) I agree, without SEO the website is just collecting dust with no one coming to see your content. I do hear that google offers a free Digital Marketing course that comes with its own certification, have you considered that as well? I know a few online courses...
  7. Nous

    When to set up ads on your website?

    I guess that is one way to see test out the ads on your site too, specially for a website starting out you can never really figure what type of traffic you can expect. I know you said that your sites are mostly hobby based but is there any chance that you would set up ads if worse comes to worst?
  8. Nous

    Promoting Community Participation

    Woah that sounds like a pretty good contest, you definitely will attract a lot of forums operators and admins who will try their best to grab the XenForo license, :) Good luck! You should let us know how it goes and share your experience here on AdminForum for other admins to know what obstacles...
  9. Nous


    I do agree with that, once a member builds up a bit of reputation throughout the forums then posting spam once in a while is fine as long as it is not over done. But when members join just for the sake of posting spam, that's a huge no-no.
  10. Nous

    Preferred Shared Hosting?

    Hmm I see, yeah plus I am sure the cost is way more than the current VPS you are paying for. Have you ever considered cloud hosting? like Digital Ocean or Linode?
  11. Nous

    Christmas is literally 10 Days away! 🎅

    Christmas is literally 10 Days away! 🎅
  12. Nous

    Discussion Hub - General Discussion Community

    Love your forum you got going! A huge fan of Discussion Hub :) Wish you all the best for your forum, :) Love the classic touches you got going like colored usernames and user banners, ☺️ Really does make it feel nostalgic.
  13. Nous

    Where do you advertise your forum?

    Amazing! :)
  14. Nous

    Preferred Shared Hosting?

    That is a pretty beefy looking VPS! And $100 for a month sounds like quite a deal. Ever think about upgrading to a Dedicated server?
  15. Nous

    When to set up ads on your website?

    I do understand that as well, most website projects I run are hobbies too, and I don't really aim to make money from it. There are some websites which I am working on which are intended to make money for me. So you would put up ads as soon as you launch the website? Even when there isn't much...
  16. Nous

    Happy Holidays! 🎅

    Hope you have a great Christmas too @Ash 🎄
  17. Nous

    Featured Website of the Month - December 2021

    Amazing! I have added both your sites on our featured section, :) thank you for participating. We have one more slot available for anyone who is interested in having their site featured on AdminForum 🤓
  18. Nous

    How did you learn to create websites?

    We all started somewhere, don't be shy! Share with us how did you learn to create websites and what got you into creating websites (blogs, forums etc).
  19. Nous

    When to set up ads on your website?

    One important goal for a webmaster is to set up ads to monetize a website and try to earn some profits for the hard work they put in. In most websites that I see, the webmasters put up the ads way too early, even before the website starts gaining traffic and traction. But again, they may have...
  20. Nous

    What is your favorite type of Alcohol?

    I am not a big drinker of any sort, but I do enjoy having a glass or two of Whisky during the weekends to wind down and a beer once in a while during the week. Not a huge fan of Vodka or Tequila though. What about you?